A Horse Show in the Making

ShoMe Horse Shows was founded in 2005 by Ericka Utz of Howell, Michigan.   As an avid equestrian and all-around competitor, Ericka participated at many local and regional shows but due to personal work schedules could never commit to a full seasonal series. While she experienced much success at weekend events, her infrequent opportunities to show always kept her out of the year end standings. With every passing weekend and lots of investment in tack, apparel, travel and class fees, it became more and more apparent that there was a gap in the industry for the one-day and weekend show warrior to go have fun and leave the show feeling rewarded with a backseat full of prizes and goodies.  This is when the vision was born to offer a fun, friendly weekend show that gave awesome year-end quality prizes and left exhibitors feeling appreciated and rewarded for their time and money spent.  

The first few seasons of ShoMe Shows were held at the HVEC grounds in Milford, MI. Events eventually expanded to include venues such as the MSU Pavilion, Ingham County Fairgrounds, Shiawassee Fairgrounds and Lenawaee County Fairgrounds.  Some of ShoMe’s most renowned and beloved shows included the ShoMe Moore Money Shows and The ShoMe Holiday ShoDown, which boasts over 2,000 entries over the course of a single weekend.  

Over the past 13 years, ShoMe Horse Shows has been blessed with a fantastic following of exhibitors and their families while remaining true to the original vision of offering that fun filled event that is low pressure and extremely memorable.   


Changes on the Horizon

 As of July 2018, ShoMe Horse Shows was acquired by Kurtis & Liz Gear of EKG Equine Services. EKG provides horse show management services to state and national level horse show organizations.  

"It was a natural extension of our current business to begin hosting our own shows.  We were fortunate to have a good working relationship with Ericka, a client at the time.  When she made the decision to step away, we were immediately very excited about being presented with the opportunity to pick up the reins of such a well respected horse show brand."

"We had such a blast planning the 2018 Holiday ShoDown, our first official ShoMe event!  The survey we launched afterwards was very insightful and we are excited to implement some changes into the 2019 showbill that reflect both current exhibitor trends and a little more of our own management style."

Kurtis & Liz hope to expand the ShoMe brand to include additional events in the near future.