All Classes

Each class will receive ribbons for 1st through 8th place.  In addition, the first place winner under each judge will have the option to choose an item from our prize table!  

 All leadline exhibitors will receive a special bag of goodies for participating! 

High Points

The top 3 exhibitors in each of the following divisions will be recognized:

  • Green Rider, 10 & Under
  • Green Rider, 11-18
  • Green Rider, 19 & Over
  • Non-Stock, 18 & Under
  • Non-Stock, 19 & Over
  • Stock Horse, 12 & Under
  • Stock Horse, 13-15
  • Stock Horse, 16-18
  • Stock Horse, 19-34
  • Stock Horse, 35 & Over

Only points from the respective age division classes will count towards each high point (includes trail - new for 2019!).  Points from halter classes, sweepstakes, fun classes, and other specialty classes will not accumulate towards this award. 

Specialty Awards

In addition to the division high points, we will also be recognizing the following:

Overall Performance Horse: Horse/rider combination accumulating the most points in Halter (color breed halter excluded), Western Pleasure, and English Pleasure classes.

Overall Equitation Rider: Horse/Rider combination accumulating the most points in Showmanship, Equitation, and Horsemanship classes.